The launch of Warframe it has gone more unnoticed than you might think, and many thought that the title had no bright future. Yet here we are, celebrating a full seven years of life together with the developer Digital Extremes and the gigantic community of players that has built up around the game.

On the occasion of the celebrations, those who access the title by the end of March they will receive for free the armor set Dex Raksaka. There will also be small weekly notifications that will allow players to cash out prizes from past anniversaries.

The most interesting activity of the event, however, is certainly the competition called by the developer. Anyone who wants to try their hand at design can publish the concept of a Warframe inside this forum. The 19 March, then, the 10 most voted ideas will be submitted to a jury that will elect the winner. The new armor will be created by the community artist Eornheit, implemented in the game and presented at TennoCon 2020 on June.

If you want to read all the details anniversary, we invite you to visit the Official site. Recall that the expansion has been online for a few months Empyrean, which adds new missions and ship-to-ship clashes.