At the moment we know practically nothing about The Elder Scrolls VI, but now a huge leak may have revealed several interesting details.

The leaker has posted several details on Reddit about the setting, the gameplay and the story of Skyrim's sequel that we now report, reminding you, however, that there is no certainty about their truthfulness.

The user ToddIsMyMom claims to be part of the development team Bethesda and, for this reason, to have information about the game. Let's start from the first: the game will take place between High Rock and Hammerfell, with a style far from the traditional medieval one. The story should focus on Direnni tower, which has not yet fallen into disuse. Thalmor will be involved in the intrigues and foment the friction between Hammerfell and High Rock. Many missions will be based on magical art and political intrigue.

There will be aAI dedicated to the behavior and lives of NPCswho will have different jobs and interests. This could lead to the failure of the character, who will begin to behave consistently with the new economic situation, for example asking for alms or stealing.

There will be no loading screens in the game world, except for when you enter your home. This is to prevent the framerate from becoming unstable in houses full of objects.

The magic has been revised, and will be a central point of the experience. Many spells have been revised, and weapons and armor can be temporarily enchanted. The crafting system will be an improved version of the one seen in Fallout 4.

There will be the return of the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and many other factions that have become iconic. The Guild of Mages for some plot reason will be absent.

DLCs ​​have not yet been scheduled as game development is still far from over. In this regard, here is the sore point of the huge leak, the release date of The Elder Scrolls VI: most likely it will not arrive before 2025 on PC, PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X.

We invite you to take this information with the pliers as, as you know, anyone could pretend to be a bearer of relevant information on Reddit.