After leaving Sony and Coronavirus problems, E3 2020 must face the defection of iam8bit.

The company was one of the main creative partners of the event, and was to be in charge of a new format that would have debuted during this year's show. The decision was communicated via Twitter on March 5, 2020, in which iam8bit states that the company leaves the E3 project with "Mixed feelings".


ESA, the organizer of E3, was working with iam8bit to reinvigorate the show by bringing something new. Seen in this light, this defection is even more painful. The answer from ESA it was not long in coming, however. In a statement the company said:

“We can confirm that iam8bit is no longer part of the inter-agency working group of E3 2020. We hold their passion for video games and the contribution they have brought to the show in recent years. However, we still have several partners with whom we work, including 160over90, Mat + Lo, our longtime collaborators GES, Dolaher Events and Duble Forte. We are working with them to offer fans, the media and the entire gaming industry an exciting show. ”


So the cursed year of E3 continues. Between defections and cyber attacks, viruses and other inconveniences, it seems that 2020 is not the year of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.