Borderlands 3Borderlands 3 will land on Steam on March 13th.

The Gearbox looter shooter he then reaches the Valve platform and does so by presenting himself to the public with a strong discount on all its versions.

Until March 20 in fact, Borderlands 3 will be offered with a 50% price cut, bringing the basic version for 29,99 euros Digital Deluxe (containing some skin packs) for 39,99 euros and Super Digital Deluxe (including the season pass with all current and future DLCs) at 49,99 euros.

The game is already purchasable on Steam and it is possible to pre-download pending the release of the title, scheduled for 16pm on March 13th.

As announced by Gearbox in a release, Borderlands 3 will support crossplay between Steam and Epic Games Store through the integrated SHiFT matchmaking platform: at the first login, players will be given the option to use this function or accept matchmaking only with users of the same platform. The option will remain deactivable at any time simply by accessing the Options menu.

It will also be possible to transfer your save games from one store to another through a procedure that will be disclosed in all its details on the 2K support page: making the transfer should also take you to unlock achievements, although Gearbox does not guarantee that they will be registered correctly by Steam.

Finally confirmed the presence of the offline mode also on the Valve platform, although a connection will obviously be required for the download of patches and hotfixes.