Niantic momentarily updates Pokémon GO to encourage players not to leave home to protect themselves from Coronavirus. What are the news?

The development company has decided to change the basic philosophy of the mobile title to encourage players to stay safe within the home. To do this, the following changes have been introduced:

  • Wild Pokémon spawn increased, it is easier to find them while staying at home;
  • The legends are not obtainable through Raid, but free of charge in the Lotte Go League;
  • Cancellation of the Pokémon GO Community Day March 2020 which saw Abra protagonist;
  • Eggs hatch in half the time normally required;
  • The PokéStops release multiple PokéBalls, incubators and healing tools;
  • The aromas last longer than normal;
  • Ability to purchase a pack at symbolic price of a coin.

These changes will be valid in countries affected by Coronavirus until early April 2020.