Fans of Control, the supernatural action game born from the collaboration between 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment, will soon be drawn to Hiss within the universe of The Foundation. This first mysterious and disturbing expansion of the game, available for PlayStation 4 and PC from March 26 and for Xbox One from June 25, will contain a further evolution of the plot, additional missions, new skills and new enemies.

The Foundation expansion will delve even deeper into the history of the Oldest House. Jesse has been informed by the Council that something strange is going on in the basement of the Oldest House. A mysterious structure, the Monolith, has been damaged and the Astral Plane has managed to penetrate the foundations of the Oldest House. If Jesse doesn't find a way to end this, the entire Oldest House, including the Bureau, will be lost.

Players who purchased the Digital Deluxe version of Control for PlayStation 4 will automatically receive the expansion The Foundation on March 26, the day of the international launch of the DLC. Those who have purchased the base game for PlayStation 4 or for PC on the Epic Games Store, will be able to purchase the Season Pass at a price of € 24.99. In this way they will be able to guarantee access to both the expansion The Foundation than to the contents of the second expansion - AWE - which will be released at the end of summer 2020. It will also be possible to individually purchase the expansions for PlayStation 4 or PC, from the respective digital stores, at a price of € 14.99 each.

Control it's a sandbox-style adventure, in which gameplay plays a fundamental role in the game experience, requiring the player to master a combination of supernatural powers, modifiable equipment and responsive game environments, enhanced by visually stunning effects obtained thanks to the use of Remedy's proprietary Northlight engine and meticulous implementation of ray tracing technology with NVIDIA's GeForce RTX.

The Foundation expansion will be released in Korea by H2 Interactive on March 26. It will be published in Japan by Marvelous in spring 2020.