After the countless goals collected already a few days after launch, the first new products begin to arrive Call of Duty: War zone. In the past few hours, Activision has announced that it will now be possible to enter the game alone. The obligation to play matches in three-member teams will no longer be a constraint.

In Solitaire mode, you are catapulted to Verdansk on your own following the rules of Battle Royale. That means no teammates, no friends - just you and a gun with a few bullets. Think of it as a Call of Duty free-for-all classic, but on a large scale.

As you loot, complete contracts, and survive against up to 149 other players, the gas cloud expands and shrinks the play area - just like in a regular Battle Royale. The Gulag still welcomes the Warzone eliminated, but if you die in the 1v1 match, forget any form of redemption - you are definitely out of the game.

The last Operator who remains standing wins.

The Activision-branded Battle Royale therefore aligns with all the major productions of the genre, offering (in addition) a much more classic mode. If you are still looking for playmates, we invite you to subscribe to ours dedicated group.