Resident Evil 3 Remake returns to show itself in a new video entitled Raccoon City Incident Report.

As the name suggests, it does story trailer published by PlayStation Japan on YouTube tells the story of what happened in the Resident Evil saga up to the third chapter.

In the video, therefore, there are plot spoiler and on what happened in Resident Evil 0, resident evil e Resident Evil 2; if you haven't played these titles yet, we advise you not to watch the video in order not to spoil anything.

The remake of the third chapter of the Capcom saga is expected for the next April 3 2020, although in recent days Amazon Italy has changed the release date on the title page, probably due to the Coronavirus emergency.
The publication of the physical version could therefore be postponed, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

However, tomorrow 19 March will be made available Resident Evil 3 Remake demo to PC Windows, PS4 e Xbox One, so you can experience first hand what is going on in Raccoon City.