The American stores of Gamestop they will remain open.

Although the United States is also in full lockdown to combat the Coronavirus epidemic, the famous chain believes it should not close its stores considering itself a "Essential service".

As reported by Vice and reiterated by Kotaku, Gamestop confirmed its decision in a note sent to all its employees.

"Given our product offering that allows and improves our clients' home work experience" you read in the note, "We believe that Gamestop is considered a major seller and can remain open during this period."

A decidedly questionable assumption that, in addition to employee skepticism, does not seem to have convinced even the authorities.

“We were told how law enforcement officers visited our stores in an attempt to force shutdown despite our classification. Store Managers are authorized to show the attached document to the authorities if necessary. " The document in question, without many turns of words, actually invites police officers to call Gamestop headquarters in the event that they encounter problems with the policy adopted.

Communication does not seem to be simple boutade given birth by some area manager, but a real directive coming from the upper floors and implemented by the employees of the whole country.

"They basically told us to disobey the decrees of each state that has chosen to close non-essential businesses" said a company employee, "Since they believe we are providing a fundamental service to people who shop in a video game store."

An undoubtedly controversial and somewhat pretentious choice by Gamestop, intended to be discussed especially in relation to the period of financial difficulty of the company. A crisis also confirmed by its own employees, increasingly disgruntled.