NIS America has announced that LA-MULANA 1 & 2 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One is available from today in Europe and will arrive on March 27 in Oceania! Ancient ruins full of traps, puzzles and deadly monsters stand between you and a powerful treasure. Armed with a little more than a whip and your wits, will you be able to survive the tests and reveal the secrets hidden in the ruins?

About LA-MULANA 1:
Your destiny awaits you in La-Mulana! Take control of archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi and navigate through riddles, traps and mortal guardians to claim the secret treasure of life. You will need acute ingenuity, quick reflexes and, above all, all your courage. Can you reveal the secrets of La-Mulana or fall victim to the dangers around you?

About LA-MULANA 2:
The famous archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi has disappeared and only his daughter Lumisa can find it! Immerse yourself in Eg-Lana, an inverted version of the legendary ruins of La-Mulana. Think and act quickly to overcome dangerous traps in your search to discover unfathomable secrets. What you will find at the end of your journey: I will triumph
or will you be defeated?

Key Features:
Two museum games: Two critically acclaimed, diabolically twisted platforms arrive on modern platforms and are worth their weight in gold.
Beyond archeology: With your trusty whip in one hand and an arsenal of pistols, shuriken and other secondary weapons in the other, you will be able to face dangerous enemies as you dive into the nefarious ruins.
Use items like the Ankh to invoke and challenge the ancient Guardians to advance.

Glory and luck: Solve Eg-Lana's puzzles by using ancient relics such as tables and keys and even modern tools like Yagoo software and Glyph Reader. And when all else fails, push or break objects to unravel the mysteries!