After Microsoft Sony is now clarifying the backward compatibility: the video analysis who introduced the hardware to the world PlayStation 5 in fact he had left some doubts with a phrase that only quoted "backward compatibility with the top 100 PS4 games"

It is time to speak Hideaki Nishino from Sony's Platform Planning & Management division, pointing out that there will be thousands of compatible games and that hundreds of games are currently being tested in development studies to verify that backward compatibility is perfect.

These are the his words:

A quick update on backward compatibility. We are making great efforts to allow our fans to play PS4 titles on PS5. We will ensure that the vast majority of the more than 4000 PS4 games can also be used on PS5.

Our goal is for backwards compatible games to run at a higher frequency on PlayStation 5, with a more stable frame rate and potentially higher resolutions.

We have already tried hundreds of titles and are doing thousands of tests to prepare further titles for backward compatibility.

So don't worry: PlayStation 5 will be fully, or almost, compatible with PlayStation 4 titles.