A few days ago, in Famitsu magazine, they were published the first screens of the new DLC coming soon for Dragon Ball Z: Kakartoh, thanks to which Goku and Vegeta will become Super Saiyan God.

Today Bandai Namco has released new information and official screens, where you can see the in-game transformations.

Here the official announcement:

With characters and transformations from DRAGON BALL SUPER, this DLC will allow fans to achieve the Super Saiyan God transformation through a training against Whis to be able to face Beerus in an exclusive Boss Battle Episode.
This content can be accessed at any time and will allow you to use the transformation into Super Saiyan God during the main story!

The "A NEW POWER AWAKENS - Part 1" DLC will be available with the Season Pass in the spring of 2020 or will be available for purchase with "A NEW POWER AWAKENS - Part 2", which will be released later in the year.

Thanks to this DLC our protagonists will be able to reach even higher power levels and, if the additional content continues to follow the events of Dragon Ball Super, probably in the future we will also have the Super Saiyan Blue.