Life on your own island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons it is easy and relaxing, but what to do when you are not a fan of animal use (even if virtual) for ulterior motives? The usual one thinks about this PETA with the guide for vegan players.

Animal Crossing VegansThe guide, reachable through this link, it is very direct and not very confusing: in a few simple steps it explains the possible and prohibited actions if you want to face the game in "vegan mode". Among the various limitations we mention: the ban on fishing, the ban on the capture of insects and their display inside the museum, the ban on the construction of a dog house and a list of edible fruits.

Although the article turns out to be airborne and totally delusional, the one proposed by PETA could be in all respects a real challenge for fans of the series. In how many days you would be able to grow your village without using the basics of the title?