With everyone working from home, video games represent a fantastic way for the team to Amplitude to continue to stay in touch and maintain social habits. For this reason in those parts they understand very well why many players have contacted the studio anxious to play the next historical strategy title humankind. The team also wished it was ready, unfortunately, however, it is still too early.

However, Amplitude decided to do something important anyway, so its previous strategy game based on territory control, Endless Legend, it's free for a week on Steam, as part of special offers covering the entire franchise.

Endless Legend it is set in the mystical world of Auriga, a planet that is slowly dying in the grip of increasingly freezing winters. Several factions are fighting for territorial domination, for the production of food, the management of industries, the progress of science and magic and the collection of goods. Immerse yourself immediately in its universe and:

  • Explore fantastic lands: Lead one of the eight civilizations, each with its own story and a different style of play, as you complete quests and explore a randomly generated world that can be played endlessly.
  • Expand your domain beyond the unknown: conquer, build and transform villages into terrible fortresses or wonderful cities. Absorb powerful minor factions and use their peculiarities wisely. Recruit, equip, and train your heroes to become army commanders or city governors.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity: make sure to stay one step ahead of other civilizations through trade and astute diplomacy and encourage the evolution of your civilization by developing new cutting-edge technologies.
  • Destroy the fools who dare to challenge you: experience an innovative and dynamic simultaneous turn-based battle system. Use unit equipment, skills and terrain to overwhelm your opponents. Shape your civilization and compare it to those created by your friends.

It's true, Endless Legend e humankind they are two very different games, but Endless Legend it's a fantastic title that Amplitude is deeply proud of. For those who want to get an idea of ​​Amplitude's style, this is truly the perfect opportunity to find out.

The Guardians expansion unleashes the ancient and giant guardians on the planet Auriga. Get it for free through the rewards page of Games2Gether by the end of this week.

Finally, all Endless games and related expansions are on sale up to 75% discount from now until March 30 at 19:00 CEST.