We know that with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 we will have titles with 4K resolution and a higher and stable frame rate but, at the moment, we have not yet seen anything. However, the first exclusive Microsoft that will shoot at 4K and 120fps, something historical for a console.

Ad announce was Dynamic Voltage Games, declaring that next week he will release the debut gameplay of this mysterious game.

It makes smile of the extreme sincerity of the developer, who claims not to have a capture card at 4K and 120fps, although in any case you shouldn't expect too much since we are talking about a minor studio, whose first published title is Pirates of First Star, an adventure with puzzle elements, different minigames and a cast of funny characters.

So probably also this new game will be something graphically simplewhich has therefore allowed us to push ourselves to such a high resolution and frame rate. In any case, there is curiosity: in a week we will see the first game at 4K and 120fps for Xbox Series X.