Coronavirus is causing serious problems not only to the daily lives of all of us, but also to the commercial sector, with production and distribution in great difficulty. This could also cause problems for the physical version of Resident Evil 3: Remake. To tell it's the same Capcom, declaring that in some markets it is not ensured that the game, in the physical version, will arrive on April 3 2020.

As we all know, the spread of coronavirus is having a big impact, with the various decisions made in Europe to establish restrictions that also involve transport.

The global release date of Resident Evil 3 Remake remains set for April 3, 2020, but some European markets may see shipments arrive late, including physical copies of the games.

As you can see from the Capcom release, physical copies of Resident Evil 3: Remake may therefore be delayed. Nothing for sure, but given the situation it is better to be ready for anything; in case you don't want problems you can always resort to the digital version.