By now, because of the Coronavirus, we made feast of delays and postponements for important events and titles in the world of video games. While the pandemic does not seem to want to stop yet, the first doubts begin to arise regarding the products arriving after the summer, which are still still at risk. It seems however that Halo Infinite don't want to hear about postponements.

Microsoft has in fact reiterated that the expected return on the next-gen console of the popular shooter saga remains set for 2020. As he claims Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, internal developers have faced several "unique challenges" due to COVID-19, including the need to completely revise their work schedules, but they are all operational and they will do everything possible to keep the launch window promised.

Halo Infinite will be available later this year on Xbox One, Windows PC and Xbox Series X, all of which have recently been revealed technical specifications - take a look at ours Tech Dive if you are curious.