Seven years have passed since GTA V came on the market and, despite this, the game Rockstar continues to be sales champion. This does not limit fans to wanting a new chapter and certainly, sooner or later, GTA VI will come, although at the moment it has never been officially discussed.

In fact, some industry journalists are holding back enthusiasms declaring that this sixth chapter will arrive very soon, yet there is some clues that makes you think differently.


Sul curriculum of a Mexican actor, Jorge consejo, in fact, it is possible to read that in 2018 the man took part in a Rockstar Games project and this seems to be GTA VI.

In addition to this, the answer on Twitter to a fan who asked for clarification on this it seems to indicate even more that something is really moving.

"I can neither confirm nor deny my participation in the project"

Just clues, there continues to be nothing official, yet all this makes us think that actually works for Rockstar Games GTA VI we've been going on for quite a while.