The news of postponement di The Last of Us Part 2 it left fans dry-mouthed, if not with a bitter taste. In this regard, the director N used the podcast of PlayStation Blog to investigate the issue and to offer some background of the last title N.

naughty-dog-POVAccording to the director 's words, the title is practically in its final phase of polishing, but the current global situation does not allow for an optimal store launch.

"We know we have a great game, we just have to wait a little longer to be able to give it to the fans. I know I'm sorry for this, but we are even more sorry. […] We are almost at the finish, we are currently looking for various bugs to be able to finish the game as much as possible. [...] This is a title that the whole world is waiting for and we want to distribute it properly. We are evaluating every possible option in order to please the fans as soon as possible. But it will take time. "

Finally, the director has denied both the rumors about a possible demo, is a possible case of crunching, ensuring that the staff is free to take free time to think about their well-being and their families.