The arrival of Ikoria: Lair of Behemots is imminent, while waiting for Wizards of the Coast has made public the details of the mastery pass that is already available on MTG: Arena, and nothing good comes of it. The Ikoria pass will always cost 3400 gems ($ 20 + VAT), but will have far fewer rewards than those that preceded it, not only for the shorter duration but also as a percentage of the expected values. How did a user calculate in this post on Reddit even making the necessary proportions everything has worsened, in particular the quantity of gems obtained is significantly reduced: a drop of 36% compared to the expected value and more than 50% in absolute terms.

The free pass that replaced the three weekly boosters also came to an average equivalent of around 2.3, therefore reduced by almost a quarter, when a WotC representative is always on reddit he explicitly said that this aspect would never be touched. A fairly clear trend is emerging which does not bode well for the economy already often criticized by MTG: Arena.