Resident Evil 3 has just landed on the market, with all its pros and cons - which we have shown you in our review. The feedback from the players has been very divided, among those who reward once again the work of Capcom in restoring the series, and those who criticize the few hours of game duration or the game design not really effective.

Following the comments, the developer now wants to know from those directly concerned what will happen in the future: Do we want another remake of Resident Evil, or not? We can answer this question through the new survey inaugurated on the official Capcom website (and written in sometimes questionable English). If you want to give your opinion on the latest title and what to work on in the next projects, you can find the questionnaire at this address.

We remind you that, at the expense of the survey results, it seems that Resident Evil 8 are still in progress and are a lot of information leaked on the net. Read this article if you are interested in recent rumors.