We have already seen the numerous effects that forced quarantine caused by Coronavirus is having on the video game industry, between spikes of users on Steam and Humble Bundle bloated bundles to donate to those who are fighting the epidemic. In addition to this, however, the virus caused the return of an old legend, now considered dead by all: Wii Sports, the well-known sports title released together with Nintendo Wii.

It is unclear whether quarantine is exactly the reason, but i main sales sites like eBay, Amazon and GameStop have registered huge price increases on the copies still on sale of the game. From about 10 some time ago, the value is now fast reaching 30 euros. An explanation could be the end of stock Ring Fit Adventure on Switch, which would be forcing people to fall back on other methods to move without leaving home - and what better alternative than a good game of tennis or bowling on Wii Sports? Or maybe it's just nostalgia, who knows.