Today Respawn Games has released a new Apex Legends trailer that offers players a glimpse of all the activities that will be available during the event "The ways of the ancients“, Which starts today and will last until the 21 April.

Players will be able to challenge hordes of Prowlers of the city of Bloodhound and discover a series of new exclusive skins for the events, including Bloodhound Young Skin. Also, starting today, Respawn will also permanently add Duos mode and map rotation, giving players the opportunity to play Duos o Trios su Canyon of the Kings e Borders of the World.

The elusive and experienced Bloodhound will bring the players back to The Streets of the Ancients in his Town Takeover on the Boundaries of the World map to face "Bloodhound Trials". In this arena players will face terrifying Prowlers, for the chance to get their hands on a high level loot. The Le Vie degli Antichi event offers a brand new series of prizes with rewards inspired by the latest Frontier stories: Le vie degli Antichi, as well as the return of 8 Legendary Hunter skins on offer for direct purchase.