Asmodee, the giant of the distribution of board games, has made Print & Play versions of some titles available on its website, to give an alternative to families forced into the house during the quarantine. These are six "party games", recommended for ages 6 or 8, and which clearly lend themselves to being printed from home. It's about

Combo Color: a strategic family game in which you expand by coloring boxes on the board in order to score as many points as possible.

Cortex Challenge: a test of logic, memory and speed on 8 different challenges.

Dixit: Famous and award-winning game in which players must describe the illustration on their cards to make some but not all opponents guess or try to trick other players into choosing their card.

Dobble: A game of speed, concentration and observation in which players challenge each other to find the equal symbol in a set of cards.

Classic timeline: By combining intuition and knowledge of history, players must place cards in the right position on the timeline to win.

Unlock!: Co-op card game inspired by escape rooms with an app that provides clues to players.

The CEO of Asmodee said that “In these difficult times due to the global Covid-19 crisis, here at Asmodee we are happy to offer families a way to play together in the comfort and safety of their homes.
We hope these free "Print & Play" games can offer some form of relief, adventure and fun for everyone while staying safe at home. "

THU the official Asmodee website where you can download the Print & Play pdfs.