Microsoft has made official the opening of registrations for the trial version of Project xCloud also for the Italian players. From this moment it is indeed possible to register to be selected later and be among the first users of the Beautiful country to test the potential of video game streaming platform designed by the Redmond Society.

Project xCloud is the Xbox game streaming technology that allows players to access console titles directly from the Cloud on Android smartphones or tablets. Launched last year, the Project xCloud preview has continued to grow and evolve with the aim of involving more and more players and countries, to create the best game streaming platform.

Taking into account the current emergency situation due to the global spread of COVID-19, the official date for the arrival of the Project xCloud preview has not yet been defined in Western Europe. The program will initially involve a limited number of participants from each country in order to guarantee the continuity of the service; new players will subsequently be involved in the preview.

Interested users will be able to register through thededicated dedicated portal. However, Microsoft is keen to point out that over the next few days new instructions will be given to all players who decide to try to get access to the preview.