After numerous requests from players, Respawn Entertainment has finally decided to make the duo 's tail permanent Apex Legends within the latest update. The mode had been made available on a temporary basis already multiple times, while from now it will be an integral part of the base game. However, the same treatment was not reserved for single tail, although it appears to be in the interest of many hardcore battle royale fans.

Through a post on Reddit, the developer expressed the reasons behind the absence of a single player mode in Apex Legends. This had already been introduced for a limited time last year, and Respawn Entertainment has there was a drop in the interest of the players, especially new ones. The reason lies behind the fact that the shooter, from skills to gameplay, is designed to be played as a team and not alone. Given the popularity, however, tests will continue to improve it and who knows, sooner or later the fate of the duo queue could follow.

Apex Legends

In the meantime, we remind you that there is a new trailer for "The Ways of the Ancients", the next event of the title.