After being bitterly criticized for details of the mastery pass of Ikoria: Lair of the Bhemots, Wizards of the Coast replies, always on reddit, with the following post (heavily downvoted) of a community manager:

"Hello everyone! There are a couple of things to discuss. First of all the smaller number of packages. It was a typo on our part and it was fixed in the article, whooops! You will receive 30 packets of Ikoria, not 25. Second, the gem rewards decreased. This is intentional since the rotation of the set will take place in less time. Theros was unwittingly too generous (we wanted to give players a token for the draft and not for the draft of the best of 3 and we left it that way). In any case, we wanted to keep the average of the daily rewards of the mastery pass in line with Eldrain and the Core Set 2020 ″

Indeed the official page has been updated, and the correct 25 in 30. This, however, does not make all the other criticisms of the new pass less valid, which has been "adjusted" based on the duration of the set exclusively as regards the rewards and not for the cost, which remains on the $ 20 plus VAT. Users are far from satisfied with WotC replication, and perhaps this is not the best time to try to squeeze the base player more.