We are now about to reach the first month of quarantine dictated by the COVID-19 emergency. A few weeks ago there I proposed 5 co-op titles to spend time playing online with your friends, but I think you need to integrate my advice now. Partly because of the prolonged emergency, partly by virtue of personal experiences over the past few days, here you are 5 more co-op games with online multiplayer functionality.

Sea of ​​Thieves

The pirate title of Rare, developed as a Microsoft exclusive, has reached the right maturity to be considered one of the most promising titles on the Xbox Game Pass scene. To sail the seas of Sea of ​​Thieves is enough indeed take out a subscription to the service and download the title in question. The five expansions (included) are able to give a decided variety and longevity in the contents: one of the most critical shortcomings at the launch. Managing a ship in the company of your friends and running around the islands in search of loot can be damned fun. Argh!

For The King

Title much less known than any other presented in this section, For The King unexpectedly manages to make time go by in the blink of an eye. The title in question is nothing more than a procedurally advanced RPG with some strategic mechanics inside. The main mode, which can be played in the company of two players, sees the protagonist move in a Civilization-style board to achieve the objectives imposed at the start of the session through a combat system based on the percentage of successful attacks. Great Dungeon mode: endless procedural clashes one after the other, with increasing difficulty hand in hand with the growth of the playing characters and their equipment.


"Eh, but we all know Minecraft." True. But how many of you have flown over accusations of being a title of Class b to really face the depth that the game devised by Mojang can give? Played in the company Minecraft can be an excellent pastime. The invitation is to discover it again, invite your friends to equip a server and have fun genuinely in the most disparate ways. For the most demanding there are also dozens of mods thanks to which you can face real adventures or try your hand at the art of construction through a much more complex crafting system than that offered by the basic package. In short, if yours group there are no ideas, embark on a great classic.


Do you love your friends too much to compete with them? Have any of them not yet equipped with Nintendo Switch? Do you like i piacchiaduro? Try Brawlhalla. Okay, I admit I'm cheating here a little. Brawlhalla is not really part of the year of co-op games, but you can still play online 2 vs 2 matches paired with another user. Moreover, being Brawlhalla a free to play it is much easier for me to recommend it than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The mechanics and the general quality of the title in question are certainly lower than the game from which it clearly takes its cue, but being multiplatform and, precisely, free of charge, it is particularly suitable especially for those wishing to attract new levers to the genre among the lines of their knowledge.

Diablo 3

In first part of the section I have recommended two really hardcore titles in their genres: Monster Hunter and World of Warcraft. Even today, therefore, I feel compelled to give advice to even the smoothest players and generally looking for experiences pretty tough to spend in the company of your friends, they too very tough (figuratively speaking, we mean). Diablo actually created a genre. The action RPG with isometric view offers challenge, depth in the management system of your character and a cooperative on which the third chapter of the series was practically based almost entirely.

Will there be more tips on co-op games?

The hope is to have managed to give you once again the right cue on how to spend these difficult days. We are facing an unprecedented crisis, but nobody forbids us to brighten our time with our favorite hobbies, better if in company. If there is a need, a third part of the advice on co-op games will also arrive; always in the hope that this emergency situation can finally end in the shortest possible time.