in 2019 seven Disney films broke through the barrier of a billion dollars in takings, with the not indifferent contribution of the US box office, but this year the music is different. According to a Gower Street Analytics survey cited byHollywood Reporter the closure in response to the pandemic will lead to an annual collection of $ 6,82 billion, compared to 11,4 in 2019. And this assuming rapid growth immediately after the reopening. in the case of a slower recovery, the estimates speak of 6,36 billion, a decrease of 40%then the lowest grossing since 1996 according to the National Association of Theater Owners.

The box office estimates are based on the calendar still in force for which the release of Tenet di Christopher Nolan on July 16, the Mulan postponed to July 24, e Wonder Woman 1984 postponed to August 14th. But these dates could still be questioned based on the course of the epidemic.