The Invitationtool1, German software house based in Hamburg, has announced its new MMOFPS entitled The Invitation.

It is an interesting multiplayer title that lays its foundation on a quest system, progressively generated by the players and the game environment, and on the so-called PvX events.

The latter are basically PvPvE events in which players will be called to clash both with environmental threats (created dynamically) and with other real players. A system already present in several MMORPGs of the past.

The potentially most interesting element are certainly the quests generated by the players themselves: In fact, The Invitation allows you to create your own list of missions to be submitted to other players and the game HUD features an entire section dedicated to this feature. It is also possible to choose the type of reward for each mission created and use a special drone system for its delivery.

Other confirmed elements of the game are the presence of a bounty system and the conquest of special buildings, the control of which brings concrete benefits to the owners. These are the bases on which a title that aims to "maximize interaction between players" is based.

It is possible to admire the first images of the game in this announcement trailer.

The Invitation is currently only available in the PC version. Further information on the title can be found on Official site and on dedicated Discord server.