As Asmodee in recent days W provided free materials during the quarantine, in this case it is a lot of resources to play Dungeons & Dragons from home. THU find the site created specifically to access the files in question, which include manuals, adventures, character sheets, plus other useful materials for novices and veterans. There are also coloring illustrations for the little ones, perhaps not too small since we still talk about beholder and mimic.

The list is updated daily from Monday to Friday, it also includes a guide to start playing D&D online from your PC. The adventures are set in the Forgotten Realms and the manuals are based on the Adventurers League of the fifth edition of the famous role-playing game, which in recent years has seen the number of players grow further, also thanks to the popularity of the TV series "Stranger Things". If you have always wanted to try an RPG but you lacked the time or resources, this is a good time to start.