Resident evil 3 remakeResident Evil 3 Remake is a good sales success.

To confirm it is the same Capcom that, in a Press release released on its official blog yesterday, announced that the game's sales exceeded 2 million copies distributed across all platforms. An excellent result if you think that the data is relative only the first five days of publication of the title.

Despite the criticisms of the alleged poor longevity of the title and the strong rewrite of the game plot (even if it is a remake ...), Resident Evil 3 Remake seems to have been well received by the public, at least from a commercial point of view.

Capcom was satisfied with the user response to the release of Resident Evil 3 Demo and the open beta of Resident Evil Resistance, the asymmetric multiplayer included in the offer. A response that, according to the company, contributed to the sales success of the full game.

Given the initial data, it is easy to predict how Resident Evil 3 Remake is launched towards exceeding the sales figure obtained by its original predecessor from 1999, which stopped at a total of 3.5 million copies sold.

In any case, just like what happened at the time, the sales figures of the third chapter remain lower than those of the second: Resident Evil 2 Remake has in fact recently exceeded 6.5 million units sold between the physical and digital market, of which 3 million sold in the first week of launch only (given that, in turn, it is lower than Resident Evil 7, with 3.5 million copies in the first week).

With increasingly insistent rumors about a Capcom working on Resident Evil 8 e Resident Evil 4 Remake, it remains to be seen how these data will influence the company's future strategies regarding the commercial launch of the two titles.