In the past few hours, a post now deleted on 4Chan detailed the alleged plot of The Last of Us Part II, the highly anticipated sequel by Naughty Dog. If this rumor turns out to be a reality (and it is not to be excluded, given the immediate elimination), we can be sure that the developer does not want to hold back: there are at stake very heavy issues, especially for our times. Obviously, the story is full of spoilers and we advise those who intend to buy the game not to read it, just to avoid potential and unwelcome advances.

The Last Of Us Part II

According to the leak, much of the plot will be tied to Ellie's past and her new relationship with Dina. The two will in fact be persecuted by a Christian cult, known as Seraphites, which sees their relationship as sinful. The hunt for the two girls will lead to the death of some main characters, which will eventually push Ellie to seek revenge. Finally, we will meet the parents of the protagonist, a member of the same cult and a woman already seen in one of the trailers.

As with any rumor of this type, we invite you to consider this plot as a mere one corridor entry, at least until Naughty Dog confirms or denies everything. The Last of Us Part II will be available on PlayStation 4 in date still to be defined.