This is a period that has made and will reflect in many different ways. Personally, a valuable lesson I have learned - and which I will treasure - is that having such a large amount of free time on my hands I need to be beaten to leave the game station. Whether it's playing alone or in company I'm grinding an impressive amount of hours in front of the screens, as a result Billion road, di Bandai Namco, comes in a time when it can shine easily, thanks to its local and online 4-player multiplayer. The experience he proposes is disengaged but not frivolous, proving to be a lively and potentially amusing title and full of an incredibly high level of "Japanese". So do not be shy, a bizarre tour of Japan awaits you, full of dice rolls, unexpected events, fraudulent bankruptcies, monsters and ... boss fight?

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Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

The premise of Billion Road is very simple. Imagine getting ready to start a game of the game of goose but with a splash of Monopoly while you are filmed live worldwide with lots of histrionic conductors to narrate your deeds and, finally, imagine that the game board is the whole map of Japan. A canonical Billion Road game lasts three years in game time and may consist of an unknown number of rounds. In fact, each shift represents a different month - after all, it takes time to cross the entire state of the Rising Sun! - and our goal is to get to a specific point on the map, randomly chosen at the beginning of the round. In our turn we can use an object to help us in the path and roll the dice to advance on the map, where five different types of squares await us: Plus, Minus, Gift, Monster and Location. The first two increase or decrease our finances, the monstrous boxes provide a precious and funny ally, the gift boxes offer objects of the most disparate uses, while the locations represent various types of businesses and businesses to buy, to then make our investments during the game. The purpose of the game? Simple: to be the wealthiest at the end of the three years. The objectives to be achieved, the rounds to be won, the monsters to be collected - and even those to be defeated - are all at the service of this capitalist dogma and in the end, the amount of our wallet will always and only count. Getting first to the finish line of the round brings big benefits to our finances but it is also necessary to know how to invest in the most sensible way, since few other things will be in our control during a game on Billion Road. Being a party game in fact, the Bandai Namco production hinges on a very bold luck factor, which with its unpredictability makes the games unique and very tense, with some dash of frustration in the midst of general laughter. There is no room for too many technicalities, but Billion Road's strength lies precisely in this.

Billion Road

Furthermore, the little monsters by your side are not mere graphic trappings that occasionally provide some bonuses or malus but can become essential resources when the game map is invaded by the fearsome and gigantic - how absurd - villain. These gargantuan and funny enemies may prove to be a thorn in the side during the game, but each player has three turns to send one of his monsters to the attack, armed only - needless to say - with a dice roll. Depending on the outcome of the launch, a certain amount of damage can be dealt to the monstrous to try to defeat him before he puts into action his evil plans capable of reversing the fate of the game.

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Calm chaos

Although a game on Billion Road can turn out to be exuberant, chaotic and studded with absurd interludes and endless "Japanese", what comes out is a colorful but relaxing game, in which one should not think too much about what to do but abandon oneself to the rampant madness of experience, always very enjoyable. Technically the title shows up with a simple and very pleasant aesthetic, full of lively details and explosions of color, with a style that refers to the works of Fujiko Fujio e Yoshito usui, which makes everything even more tremendously Japanese and delicious.

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In the face of a somewhat high price, Billion Road manages to be a virtual board game with which to cheer up your evenings, preferably in the company of one or more friends. Playing alone could in fact be too simple and not very stimulating, while seeing it as a real boardgame and therefore facing it in an exclusively multiplayer perspective - what the title was born for - fun will be guaranteed, as well as suitable for all ages of players. The advice is to give at least one chance to the Bandai Namco title and watch a game, who knows if you don't end up walking the path that leads to wealth!