PlayStation 5The production of Playstation 5 during its first year of life it will be "limited", but not because of Coronavirus.

As reported by Bloomberg, Sony will produce fewer units than its new console than it did in 2013 with Playstation 4. According to the sources "Sony will produce between 5 and 6 million units by the end of the fiscal year, in March 2021". To make a comparison with the beginning of the current generation, the Playstation 4 in the first five months of life there were over 7 million.

The reason for this limitation is not to be found, however, in the current production problem caused by Coronavirus, but in a higher price target at the time of launch. According to the report, in fact, Sony will offer Playstation 5 at a price between $ 499 and $ 549 per day one. Price motivated by a general scarce availability of the components, which would prevent the company from offering a lower price.

Also according to the source of Bloomberg, who asked to remain anonymous, the pandemic of COVID-19 would instead have affected the promotional strategy for the launch of the new console: although Sony's production capacity has remained unchanged, the same reveal of the new DualSense controller would have been "rushed" to try to avoid the strong possibility of spilling leaks by developers outside the company.

The launch of Playstation 5 is scheduled for the Christmas period of 2020 and plans should remain unchanged as long as those of Microsoft remain those to launch Xbox Series X at the end of the current year.