Quarantine has favored the passage of many professional drivers in each category from real to videogame competitions. Streams of this type, from Formula one ESport series to the iRacing Indycar Challenge of NASCAR, they are enjoying great success.

But videogame racing also has consequences. Last week Bubba Wallace saw himself being abandoned by a sponsor of his real car, after abandoning an 11-lap race from the start due to an accident. But the most sensational event occurred on April 14th. Kyle Larson he lost his NASCAR seat with Chip Ganassi Racing for using a racist insult during a videogame race. He was checking the operation of his microphone when he said this sentence in full direct.

Although the race was non-competitive and was not part of the NASCAR circuit that is replacing the skipped races for Coronavirus, the accident made headlines. McDonalds, Credit One and Chevrolet, all sponsors of the Larson team, they threatened to withdraw their support forcing Chip Ganassi to first suspend him and then fire him.