Assassin's Creed, after having given up the annual release, would be ready to return during 2020. Presentation soon?

The rumors about a chapter of the saga set in Viking era they follow one another unceasingly, among voices that would like the protagonist traveling between Norway, Sweden and England, and others that would confirm an improved combat system, but Ubisoft has not yet revealed anything about the future of the saga after the lucky Odyssey.

Now, however, the well-known questioned on twitter Shinobi602 spoke on the reveal issue. After correctly anticipating several moves of the gaming industry, to the question "Any news about Assassin's Creed?", The insider replies with a firm "little left".

So should we prepare to dust off the hoods and the hidden blades? What better way to prepare for a new chapter than by replaying the wonderful second chapter? We leave you at our article for more details. Hurry up, you have time only to date!