Netflix has made thirty documentaries from its catalog available free of charge since April 17 Youtube.

They are included this playlist you can find different series like Our Planet and Explained and some movies, including 13th, nominated for an Oscar in 2016.

Netflix has made these documentaries available to help teachers who wanted to use it for distance learning, a measure that many countries have adopted to combat the coronavirus epidemic. This allows all students to take advantage of the material, with or without a subscription to the streaming service. The only difference with the originals is that on YouTube these documentaries will never exceed 1080p quality, while on Netflix they are available in 4K. Furthermore, being simple YouTube videos it will not be possible to select the language, even if they are subtitles available. 

Among the documentaries present I would like to mention two. The aforementioned 13th first. Directed by Ava DuVernay, explore the reality of American prisons. The name derives from thirteenth amendment of the American constitution, which abolishes slavery "except as a punishment for crime", if not as punishment for a crime. The second is Knocking down the House, which tells the story of four women who run in 2016 to enter the United States House of Representatives.