Surprise, Nintendo posted a video on YouTube announcing the arrival of a free upgrade for Animal Crossing New Horizons. The update will be available starting the day after tomorrow, April 23 2020, and will contain a lot of unpublished extra content, including visitors, activities and events that had been anticipated by DataMiner. Find the trailer attached to the bottom of the article.

Here is the list of all the news:

  • Florindo gardening shop: This visitor will appear regularly to sell his assortment of floral decorations, bushes and seeds.
  • The sea of ​​treasures of Volpolo: after downloading the update, Volpolo will occasionally appear together with his boat to sell art objects, as well as pieces of furniture. After purchasing them, it will be possible to donate them to the museum to open an art gallery. Warning: some articles are fake, and it is up to the player to guess it so as not to waste their belongings unnecessarily.
  • Nature day (23/04 - 04/05): Special nature-related challenges will be available during the event, such as planting certain trees or watering flowers. The rewards, of course, are extra miles.
  • May 01st (05/07 - 05/XNUMX): In the first week of May, Animal Crossing New Horizons players can use a special ticket at the airport to explore a somewhat peculiar mysterious island. A familiar visitor may be there, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • International Museum Day (18/05 - 31/05): during the event there will be a collection of stamps, in which participants must visit the various museums to collect special stamps and obtain exclusive prizes.
  • Wedding season (01/06 - 30/06): in June, players who visit the island of Florilio can meet the newly married couple Alpaca and Merino and help them organize the perfect wedding, complete with a photo studio. The awards include new wedding-themed items.