The strategic title set in the Far West finally has a launch date. The developers of Desperados III via a trailer with the gunslinger Jonh Cooper as the protagonist.

He is the fastest of all to draw the gun and his bullets always hit the mark. When the smoke from his revolvers slowly fades, you can read clearly: June 16, 2020. Yes, friends! Desperados III finally has a release date, presented by the notorious gunslinger John Cooper himself.

Desperados III is a real-time tactical game set in a rugged Wild West scenario. Take control of a gang of criminals by turning them into a highly functional group of unlikely heroes and heroines. Their strong and varied personalities struggle to cooperate, but ultimately unite their potential to combine their skills and challenge an apparently superior enemy. Expelled by ruthless bandits and corrupt lawyers, the Desperados must turn the tide of every mission.

The title will therefore be available from June 16 2020 on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They are open now i pre-order of the game in question, including the Collector's Edition.