The weekly appointment with our section, whose canonical appointment is strictly set at 17pm every Thursday, appears to be downsized today. This week, in fact, only one is the title offered for free by Epic Games Store. We are talking about For The King.

The title in question, recommended among others also in the section dedicated to best online co-op games, is however a top notch game, which we highly recommend downloading. It is a RPG with procedural mechanics in which players must accomplish certain objectives by moving on a Civilization-style game map. The combat system is managed through a sort of coin toss based on the probability calculation. In fact, each weapon has its own particular moves which require a certain number of coin flips to execute. Thanks to the statistics, class and equipment of your character, the possibility of obtaining a favorable casting result increases or decreases.

For The King is a brilliant title, especially if played in a cooperative. Absolutely recommended to everyone, especially when obtainable for free as in this case, through the official page of the Epic Games store.