Milestone today is pleased to announce the release of MotoGP 20 su PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC (STEAM) , Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch and TIMGAMES.

  • With MotoGP 20, players can participate in the 2020 season, compete against the MotoGP champions or enter the role of a young rider, starting from Moto3 to reach the top and climb the rankings.

    And - for the first time in the franchise's history - the game was released almost two months before its traditional release date, allowing players to enjoy the new season early.

    Based on last year's critically acclaimed edition, MotoGP 20 boasts a number of new features that make the title even more strategic and realistic. This is pure MotoGP experience, from the pits to the track!


    The new career mode will put players in the shoes of a professional driver, in an engaging and progressive gaming experience both on and off the track. Just like in real life MotoGP, simply being fast on the circuit is not enough; players must make the best decisions to find a winning strategy to dominate the championship.

    As in real life, one of the key figures of the team is the personal manager, whose job can really make a difference when it comes to leveraging sponsorship and contract opportunities. If players select a new team, will be able to make their rider and their bike stand out by using different ones graphic editors to change the helmet, the race number, the lumbar area, the stickers and the livery. When it comes to being fast on the track, it is the choice of the players' technical staff that influences the performance of the bike; the most skilled technicians will be able to develop better and faster bikes, but obviously they will be much more expensive than others. How to find the right balance between budget and performance? It's up to the players! Track tests over the weekend will provide valuable data for development, but the synergy between engineers will determine the amount of this knowledge that can actually be used to make new parts. Each engineer will have different skills in different areas, so teamwork will be the key.

    Participation in the winter and midseason tests allows players to develop their bikes, choosing up to 3 different packages with various engines and combinations of frames to find the perfect settings for the season. Once the season has started, players can also improve the performance of the different parts of the bike, earning and spending development points and assigning its own R&D staff to reach the highest level. Aerodynamics, electronics, engine power and fuel consumption are just a few examples of the many technical parts that players can now handle to improve their bikes. For the first time, Milestone also announces new features that will support the game after launch, which will further expand the gameplay content of the management career; more details on the post launch features will be revealed soon.


    The development team worked hard to make the gameplay much more strategic and realistic, with new features that increase realism such as fuel management, asymmetric tire wear and last but not least, for the first time in the history of the franchise, i aerodynamic damage which will have an aesthetic and performance impact on the bike.
    As in real life, stress and tire wear do not apply equally on both sides and center. MotoGP 20 will implement these three areas separately and reproduce some real-world dynamics in great detail. In each race the players will be able to decide the amount of fuel and the type of tire to be used, always keeping in mind that the physics of the bike is influenced by their decisions.

    The overall simulation level marks a big step forward in MotoGP ™ 20; Modern bikes in MotoGP have very complex aerodynamic winglets, which, when damaged, significantly change the balance of the bike. Crashing or colliding with other riders during the game can have a permanent effect on the riding of the bike just like in a real race. Aiming for extreme realism, the game's physics have been completely revised to make the gameplay even more technical and skill-based.

    Many of the features that made the success of the previous chapter of the franchise return this year with many improvements resulting from the valuable feedback that Milestone has received from its passionate community:

  •  A renowned historical modality. One of the community's favorite game modes will return with a completely new format, with randomly generated complete races that players must win to unlock and collect the most iconic riders and bikes.
  • Neural AI becomes 2.0. What many thought was utopian became reality. Last year ANNA (an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent) led to faster, natural and fairer artificial intelligence. This year the Milestone developers have further improved its capabilities, allowing it to strategically manage tire and fuel consumption, as real pilots do.
  • New editors. With sticker, helmet, race number and name on the suit, in MotoGP ™ 20 players will also be able to customize the bike with a set of liveries to race on the track with a unique style.
  • The best online experience. Dedicated multiplayer servers continue to offer an even more reliable and fun online experience. We have now added quality of life improvements that will further enhance online gameplay in all modes: public games, private games and Race Director mode.

    After three successful editions, Dorna and Milestone confirm this year too MotoGP eSport Championship, in which players will come from all over the world, with the aim of winning the world champion title. The fourth edition of the eSport MotoGP championship will have a renewed formula, for more information you can consult the following link.