On yesterday's day, Animal Crossing New Horizons received a welcome update in which new characters were introduced. If you want to know more, we invite you to read our summary article. However, it seems that many users they can't bring up the new stars on their own island; this is because the dear Florindo and Volpolo require some tricks, before agreeing to visit you. Here's what you need to do to finally meet them.

First, check that you have installed the update completely. If so, by waking up the following day, Isabelle should announce the start of Nature Day and the sighting of a mysterious character.

Se Florindo does not appear immediately, you have to wait at least one day from the installation of the Animal Crossing New Horizons update. You can still visit an island that already contains it and make purchases, if you want to avoid waiting.

Volpoloon the contrary, it is a little more demanding. To get him to visit you, you need improve the museum and ensure that it contains at least 60 donated objects. When his caretaker tells you he plans to add new pieces of art, wait one day and you should see the new character dock at the port. Keep talking to the little owl to make sure you get the message.

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