Apex LegendsA new mode, called Battle Armor, will come up soon Apex Legends.

More precisely, it is an event which foresees the introduction of the aforementioned modality for a limited period of time: from 28 April, and with an expected rotation of about three or four days, only one type of armor can be used during matches.

During the event they will be available a P2020 and the type of body armor already established at the time of launch on the game map (which will be World's Edge) then, once you reach the ground, the matches will take place normally. With one exception: all armors will be removed from the possible loot pool.

It starts as said on April 28, with Level 1 armor for all (the white one) and then level up every three or four days until May 9, where each player will start the game wearing a Evo Armor.

This is the last event before the season 5 of Apex Legends, which will officially begin on May 12.