In recent days Bethesda has released the Original Soundtrack di Doom Eternal. The community will therefore be able to fully enjoy the pure metal-style tracks composed by Mick Gordon... and maybe something more. In fact, the audio tracks themselves seem to contain Easter Egg with a nostalgic aftertaste.

Doom Eternal Soundtrack Easter EggThe image above is one spectrogram depicting the poster for the second chapter of the series: Doom 2, released in 1994 and recorded inside the audio track Welcome Home Great Slayer. The Easter egg has been found since subreddit dedicated to Doom through the use of a program called Sonic Visualiser, which deals with the analysis, viewing and editing of audio recordings.

It is not the first time that Mick Gordon dares to tinker with audio files to organize tricks. Already in 2016, with the soundtrack of DOOM 2016, hid the sprite of the impaled head of John Romero, one of the founders of Id Software, within the song SkullHacker.