Unlike in the past, video games are no longer an entertainment medium for a small niche of fans, but anyone can try and actually try their hand at video games. This has led to more and more translation into our language of the various titles but, ultimately, the interest and the request for translation into Italian has decreased.

As can be read from the report LocalizeDirectin fact, the percentage of localization requests in our language is dropped to 8%, below English (obviously the most requested language), German (10,3%), European French (9,8%), Japanese (9,7%), Russian (9%), Korean (8,9%), European Spanish (8,7%) and Brazilian Portuguese (8.5%).


After us, at 6.4%, we find simplified Chinese. This ranking has been compiled analyzing approximately 14.000 game translation requests and the study states that this drop in interest in Italian is probably due to the difficult moment we are experiencing, with a country stuck economically and therefore with less appeal for game developers and distributors.

What do you think? It really is a problem not having games translated into your language or, as we often hear, is not knowing English nowadays a limitation of the videogame player and not of the videogames?