In these hours you will surely have read about the huge leaks of news that occurred against The Last of Us: Part 2, which has alarmed all fans who rightly do not want to risk ruining the experience with unwelcome spoilers.

In these hours Sony has deleted any video from the internet but, as we now know, once something ends up on the net it is irrecoverable: in fact many are talking about various leakate information, as well as the various videos and the ending, which also ended up online. But how was this possible? Apparently the fault lies with a former Naughty Dog employee that for spite towards the company, put this content on the net.

In short, this employee he did not consider the compensation paid by the company to be adequate and for this reason, after the misunderstandings, the huge leak of news that we are experiencing has arrived. Certainly unjustifiable behavior, even though in the past some Naughty Dog employees had complained about the working conditions that the company reserves for its employees.

This, as said, does not however justify the behavior of this employee who besides being in legal trouble, has put the experience of millions of players at risk ruined the work of his former colleagues. A truly unhappy situation, we hope that it will be resolved for the best both for the players and for N same.