One of the main mechanics of Animal Crossing is about managing your own finances. In order to pay off the expensive taxes imposed by the loan shark Tom nook, the player must learn not only to save their own starlets, but also invest them (through the sale of turnips) in order to increase their own earnings. And it is precisely this aspect that allowed the title Nintendo to end up on the cover of Financial Times.

Animal Crossing Financial TimesThe article, which you can easily read even by clicking here, focuses on the Nook Bank interest rate cut implemented by Nintendo with the latest update. According to speculators, the interest cut from 0,5% to 0,05% has been implemented for simulate what the big world stock exchanges have put into practice to deal with the emergency Coronavirus. However, another share of users believes that this move was necessary to counter the phenomenon of time travel, a kind of trick that breaks completely the economy of the title.

By the way: did you know that the title also ended up on Sun 24 Hours?