DOOM Eternal, the last product registered Bethesda, is known to be a damned chaotic and adrenaline-fueled FPS.

But there are people who think it is not enough.

The modder Nik Mann has published one very particular mod, with its suggestive name "Particles 9000". As the name suggests, the mod aims to modify the particle effects of the game, increasing the duration and amount of effects of all weapons and explosions in the game.

The modder still recommends disable anti-aliasing present in the game, so as to avoid a noticeable effect ghosting and excessive blurring on effects like fire and smoke.

The result is really beautiful and interesting, as you can see in the video below, making the game even more chaotic.

The "Particles 9000" mod can be downloaded from this link, and we also invite you to read ours review by DOOM Eternal.