The leak of The Last of Us Part 2 it will be a thriller that will be discussed again and again, probably until the end of the generation. In recent days, the network has been invaded by footage of footage from the game, including the final of the title. Although Sony immediately took action to remove the material from YouTube, it still remains a mystery the way where hackers got a copy of the title.

The last of us part 2According to a reporter investigation Jason Schreier, it appears that hackers have used a exploit of an old Naughty Dog game to connect directly to in server where The Last of Us Part 2 was also found. This triggered the reaction of the hacker community of PixelButts, forum in which it has been shared the process. However, to date May 3, 2020, the offending title has been patched, although neither Sony nor NaughtyDog they wanted to comment on the event.